The Documentary film ost-original soundtrack

A documentary film about the music in motion pictures

A documentary film about the music in motion pictures

ost - original soundtrack is a documentary about music in motion pictures. An independent production, a collective effort to pay tribute to those who inspired us and initiated us to what we call today, original soundtrack.

Goal of our documentary is to acquaint the wide public to a form of art that is crucial in the film industry but yet unknown.

This documentary follows the path that pioneers of creativity and inspiration engrave through the magical world of music and movies.Their personal experiences, knowledge and opinions guide us step by step to the cinematic process. Interesting aspect is that people which are not really involved in this procedure tell us their point of view from their attribute (visual artist, actor).

This is for sure an exciting journey along with people that transcend bits and pieces of this unique world to us that overcame the expectations we had in the begging.